MLS Teleconference with RSL head coach Jason Kreis 10/26


Pls do not take my poor note taking summary as quotations.  Thanks.  Here is what I got from the teleconference with Jason Kreis today:

It is not really acceptable for the #2 and #3 team to play each other in the first round but we will deal with it.  Seattle is worse off than we are as they should have been playing a wild card team and instead they have to face us.

What is the feeling in Salt Lake?  Is there much excitement and what are you expecting having the game on the same day the University of Utah has a PAC 12 game?  JK-I don’t really pay much attention to the sport scene outside of ours, but we had a game on the same day that the University played BYU and we sold out.  We have a specific base of soccer fans that support us.

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What do you think about the match up of Osvaldo Alonso and Kyle Beckerman?  JK-They are two integral players that lead by their actions and cover lots of ground and are clean possession players.  They are two of the best, if not the two best holding players in the league. 

Does your winless run indicative of what to expect?  JK- The best answer will be found on the field.  To some teams, no wins in the last 6 could spell doom.  We have a chance to choose gloom or to be realistic.  We had two positive games in a row, one we just fell asleep the last 15 seconds.  Now we have some players back from suspensions and injuries.  We are mature and confident.  We control how we feel about ourselves.

How do you feel about being in the underdog role?  Do you embrace it?   JK-This role was put upon us.  The majority of people out there believe that Seattle is the better team.  We have been here many times.  Many teams thrive in this situation.

Would you rather play the first or second game at home?  Which has the better home field advantage?  JK- I don’t know.  Most coaches would prefer to be at home first.  But if it is a strenuous series ad we have to play overtime and have shoot out, that would be better to have at home.  I don’t know if this is the best situation for our team.

How do you feel about the quick shift between grass and turf?  JK- Considering we might have three games in one week if we move on, with one on turf, we have to question the lingering injuries some of our players have. 

You have Morales and Beckerman back at the same time. Do you think that having them back for a complete game will help you pull out a result?  JK- I’m not a fan of talking about individual players.  Both are important and have not played together since the beginning of the season.  This is not the ideal situation for us.  I don’t know-we will see how they dictate the match.

Beckerman is back from the red card for head butting and there have been a couple of times emotions have blown over for your team.  How will they keep their temper?  JK-Which multiple events are you referring to?  Reporter-the end of the Portland game got chippy and there was an altercation between…(silence).  JK-They are a group lead by an emotional passionate coach who lets himself be a little more emotional.  The players don’t expect anything but a win and when we have multiple calls that affect the outcome of the game that puts us in a poor position.  We have to be accountable for our own emotions and move on.

Without a wild card game this next weekend you might be playing three games in a short period of time.  Are you equipped?  How is your health and your depth?  JK-This situation is not ideal.  But it is what it is.  We have had so many players with injuries, suspensions and call ups throughout the season that we have pretty much used all of our players except the first or second year academy players.  Everyone has started and make contributions.  So we won’t have to play someone that is not capable or prepared.

With you coming so close to winning CONCACAF do you see this as a chance to get a title that you missed out on? JK-This should be a good motivation.  Not often do you get a second chance.  We have the same exact team we had then and a new opportunity to make amends in 2011.

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