For Real Salt Lake the Question now is Who to protect?

Please read Denz's post about this already. I don't know how you can write so much Denz you are a magician.

It is time to worry and stress and argue about this. My list will follow the jump

1. JamisonOlave

2. Alvaro Saborio

3. Will Johnson

4. Javier Morales

5. Fabian Espindola

6. Nick Rimando

7. Nat Borchers

8. Chris Schuler

9. Kyle Beckerman

10. Tony Beltran

11. Luis Gil**

**if Gil counts as a GA then i would keep Y Alvarez or Jean Alexandre

You might notice my list is very similiar to Denz's and for good reason. It is pretty clear who the 11 best players for their contracts on RSL are. Now here is where I will deviate a little bit. I think it is clearly time to move on and away from some of the old guys. If they are not taken I think we should cut both Andy Williams and Robbie Russell. Love ya dogs you can stay on as coaches but the game has passed you by. Robbie Russell is for sure one of the nicest people you will ever meet. He goes out of his way to be super friendly to little kids and seems to be a fantastic person. That being said I can't handle another year of watching him be blown by for a game winning goal and being the defender keeping someone onside and then not even stopping them from getting a shot off. I have made clear my feelings about Andy before but I will try to stay objective and say he has meant a lot to this club and at times this year he has been great but he is done. He can't even stay in front of the slower MLS players and the league is getting faster and faster. I know it is hard to move on from the last RSL original year player but the time has come. If we would have had Gil play all of Andy's time this year we would have handled LA better. Also I would rather Grabavoy have gotten the starting nod on Sunday. 

Who that is left unprotected do I think gets taken? (I'll add a poll to make it fun for everyone)

Realistic options Wingert, Alvarez (either one), Paulo Jr, Gonzalez, Warner, Grabavoy or Reynish.

My choice if I'm picking and involved with Montreal? Without a doubt Reynish. A good young keeper with a fair amount of experience that has been learning from the best keeper in the league and with one of the best organizations? He only makes $58k more or less. That would be so cheap for the quality of keeper you would be getting. 

That being said I don't think his stats are great and from past drafts I've noticed most teams scouting sucks and they are vastly underprepared to correctly assemble a team from the unprotected in the expansion draft. What does that mean?

I think they will take one of 3 players Warner, Paulo Jr or Arnoux. All 3 are young and have different things going for them. I haven't understood why expansion teams always try to take only cheap players because they get so much allocation money to get started into the league. I could easily see them take any of those 3 and even if they do what a lot of the teams have been doing lately; taken one of those three to trade to another team. 

Are you telling me that teams can't use a really young cheap striker or attacking midfielder? Um yes every team could use that. 

You tell me:

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