Hey Real Salt Lake fans, What are your Game activities/traditions

So one of the new writers posted this a couple days ago, and I thought with our first home match just a couple days away it was worth brining up to the front page:

As previously mentioned I have spent a fair bit making sure I can see every possible game.  For tonight's match (CCL in Columbus) I will be sitting on my couch watching FSC cheering on the claret and cobalt as usual.

What makes this more than simply watching the game is what else will be going on.  Of course my wife has to be there.  She has jumped head first into this and for that I am proud.  I also have two friends who have season tickets and sit right next to us who will be joining us tonight as they always do.  This is probably more of the tradition than the part where we watch the game.  

More after el jumpo.

These are the two people who, out of my friends, have just as much passion for this team and this game as I do.  I can easily say I'd not be writing this article if not for them (curse them if you wish for that).  The point is that over time they have become as much a part of any of my RSL experiences as Javi or Nicky are.  

We have a dog that is a pomeranian border collie mix.  Smart dog, barky as hell.  Now normally this is a bit of annoyance, but anytime a goal is scored we cheer and  the dog cheers with us.  He has no idea why everyone is excited, but he is excited for us being excited.  These are the things that I cannot see myself being without for any given away game.  Granted I'd be ok without the dog if we were going to a watch party somewhere, but if the choice was watch party or having my friends join then I'm staying in.

This year a few additions are being made for home games.  The first is that another friend has picked up season tickets this year.  She will be sitting one row behind us.  Quite glad to have more people I know around.  Adds to the excitement, sharing those experiences with friends.  The second is that my wife and I added a third seat to our season ticket package.  This seat has no set occupant, it will vary from game to game.  The goal is to get someone else exposed and excited about the game and the team itself.  

Comment on the things you expect to have around/happen on game day, be it home or away.  Food you always cook?  A particular drink?  Let me know!

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