Major League Soccer Week 2 is here and here's how it'll go...

Or at least how I think it will.  You see last week I did not do so hot in predictions.  I blame Charlie Davies... damn him for his quick production after all he's been through and then joining DC United so late.  Really didn't think that Vancouver had 4 goals in them truth be told.  

Week two presents us with a lot of what seems like they would be lopsided games becoming very even because of international duty.  Predictions post jump.

Fri March 25th

Seattle Sounders vs Houston Dynamo - Not a lot to say about this.  Seattle has had a tough road so far but after a very lackluster pre-season I just don't know where to judge them to be.  Hard to find much fault in losing to LA and NYRB both with such a quick turnaround on the games.  Houston is a middle of the road team who will either end up on the top end of the almost to the playoffs or the bottom end of the just barely in class.  I see Freddy Montero finally giving Seattle something to put into that GF column of the stat sheet. 1-0 Seattle.

Sat March 26th

Toronto FC vs Portland Timbers - Sloppiest game of the weekend is the way this one will turn out.  Neither team was impressive last week, by any stretch.  2-1 to Toronto just because they are at home.  Both teams will score though as neither has a defense to be impressed by.

Columbus Crew vs New York Red Bulls - Any other week this is a lopsided match, but with half of NY's players hurt or off on international duty it evens out a bit more.  The one benefit to this game for New York is that it gets to test it depth in a comfortable situation.  Columbus is going to need to change how they are playing after their last two games, those losses to RSL (CONCACAF) and DC United showed just how far the team has slid this off season. 1-0 New York.

Philadelphia Union vs Vancouver Whitecaps - Vancouver showed up last week for their debut, it was surprising to see such a performance.  Still a few issues to work out, but by far the most surprising team so far this season.  Philadelphia has started out well also with their result on the road at Houston providing them 3 points to start their second season off with.  I think Vancouver is further ahead at this point than Philadelphia was last year, but that was last year for the Union.  3-2 Union.

Chicago Fire vs Sporting Kansas City - SKC did what they needed to last week on the road at the Home Depot Center against Chivas USA.  Just 3 more months guys and you can have a home game too!  I do feel sorry for their away stretch that they need to go through but just think of how nice it will be for them to have nearly 3 months of straight home games?  As for the Fire they did a great job holding the Western Conference Champion FC Dallas to a single point and with this being their home opener you would think they might keep up some momentum, and I think they will keep some, just not enough to walk away with anything another single point. 1-1 draw.

New England Revolution vs D.C. United - New England was what I consider my biggest folly of last week.  They showed up against a team that (on paper at least) is leagues above them.  Still only came out with a single point, but it was better than the goose egg I had them down for.  D.C. was another giant surprise.  Amazing how one player can change a team.  I don't mean that as a he's doing all of the work sort of thing.  I think the team as a whole got better when he came in and that is what lead Davies to be able to pull a brace from that game.  This one will show if that pace can be kept up. 3-1 D.C.

F.C. Dallas vs San Jose Earthquakes - After the monsoon that was their game with RSL on Saturday I have to think that San Jose is not happy with how things are starting for them this season.  Any one of a number of mistakes changed for the better and the result changes in their favor.  Then we come to Dallas.  I can't wrap my head around that game.  The result was off from what it should have been and the play was meh at best.  A change in quality is going to be needed pretty quick or this season is going to be a struggle for the hoops.  2-1 San Jose.

Chivas U.S.A. vs Colorado Rapids - How do you judge Colorado for that last game?  It was a great result for them and they did dominate, but it was against the Timbers who looked lost and disjointed for most of the game.  Was that just a product of them playing the MLS Cup Champions?  We'll see how this week goes to make that judgement, or at least get the picture to clear up a bit.  Chivas is rebuilding right now.  This game will pose another challenge for them though and it never helps the overall morale of a team to take two losses to start the season, but I can't see any other result at this point even without Cummings up front to help Casey.  2-0 Rapids.

Real Salt Lake vs L.A. Galaxy - Easily the match of the week.  Both sides are down key guys due to international games but because of RSL's depth I think it hits them less.  Espindola and Paulo Jr will be able to adequately cover for the missing Saborio, but who can really replace Donovan?  Playing at Rio Tinto isn't doing L.A. any favors either.  2-1 for RSL.

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