RSL Reserves lose 0-2 to Dallas Reserves

RSL reserves lost 0-2 to the Dallas Reserves Tuesday at the Xango practice field.  However, RSL were the better side and for amost the whole game and overall played pretty well.   The starting lineup for RSL was (from back to front):


Gonzalez Schuler McKenzie Beltran

#41? Alexandre Warner Gil

Chinn Toia

The first half ended 0-0, but RSL totally dominated possession and had some of the same slick passing that the first team is known for.   Chinn and Toia both had good chances 1 v 1 with the keeper they couldn't convert.   The backline looked solid.  Biggest surprise? Nelson Gonzalez at left back.   He did fine defensively, controlled the ball really well under pressure and then got forwad a lot and whipped some beautiful crosses in.  He definitely has potential at that position. On the other side, Tony B. was killing them with his forward forays.  Schuler and McKenzie looked rock solid in the back as did Reynish.   Warner looked good in midfield with some nice interchange and Alexandre looked good at D Mid.  Gil was quiet, a little too much so for my liking.   Chinn and Toia did not impress.  Toia needs pressure more up top.  For a young un who is trying to impress and who should have young legs, he did not exert as much energy as he should have.  Chinn made some good runs but did not convert when he should have   Dallas mostly tried to counter attack via route one.  41 (I think RSL uses the 40's for their trialists since none of the 40's had names on their back) out on the left showed an inclination to attack on the dribble with pretty good success.

Second half started same lineup as first half.  Then 41 was subbed out on the left midfield, 43 came in on right midfield with Gil switching over.   Dallas had a more aggression coming out of the second half which seemed to catch RSL off guard.   At the edge of the RSL penalty area on a low danger ball, Schuler wiffed as he, McKenzie and Dallas' forward scrambled for the ball, Schuler cleared it on the second try but also took the Dallas forward out in his follow through.  A penalty was called that was converted.  The second half saw Schuler look less comfortable in back and he made several errors.   The team as a whole looked worse, possibly due to lack of conditioning.   20 minutes later, a poor Schuler clearance went to Dallas (21?) about ten yards outside the penalty area.  No one closed him down quicky and he volleyed a rocket from outside the area for the second goal.  Various other subs then happened.   Most notably, Nelson G. moved from back into the attacking mid role.  He had penetrating runs and looked good with the ball, but all his penetrating type passes always seemed to end up being blocked by Dallas players.   He looked better at left back then attacking mid.  44 came on for Alexandre.  Did ok but gave up some balls in bad positions.  Probably won't last.  RSL pushed forward and had several scoring opportunities they could not convert.    45 (Nick?) came on at right back.  

Overall:  Good midfield performance, good ball movement.  Most impressive perfomance:  T. Beltran and N. Gonzalez at their outside back positions.  Least convincing (of the starters:   Chinn and Toia at the forward). 

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