Major League Soccer - Week 3 and how much more wrong I will get

So how about week 2?  Houston showed up, or in all truth did Seattle not?  Portland remains in the basement.  New York was hurt more by their international duty players than I thought they would be.  Philly is giving LA something to fret about for week 3.  SKC drop to the Fire, New England surprises and Colorado rolls over Chivas.  Then there is RSL and the pure beating they put on LA.  

I missed on 5 results, and pretty much every score (though some were right on one side or the other) so I would have to say let's hope for some improvement.  Week 3 starts tonight and my thoughts follow below. 

With the return of all players from international competitions we should be able to get a better look at how these teams are actually faring in the long run.  The home teams though are too strong this week for the most part and I can't seem to get away from seeing them putting up the Ws.

April 1st

Columbus vs F.C. Dallas - Even if they did manage to pull off the draw against New York I can't give them any credit for it with NY's big men being gone.  Dallas dropped one to San Jose but more specifically Wondo's ability to score.  Hopefully for Dallas someone has wiped that game from their memory so that they come into this remembering they were the western conference champs last year.  If they do, I see a win for them, but I have a feeling that they won't be quite that lucky and by the sheer fact that Columbus is what they are this year they will come away with a draw only.  1-1.

April 2nd

Toronto F.C. vs Chivas U.S.A. - Oh Chivas, how I feel for you.  Finding a new identity this year is not going to be a quick process.  Already line up changes have been made and in some ways they seem to have been for the better, coming out with letting only one goal through this last week, the downside is the fact that they weren't able to put anything in themselves.  I think more changes will come this week for them and more improvement made.  Toronto improved after their lackluster week 1 showing against Vancouver, and the more I watch it the more I have to appreciate Martina's goal that won GOTW.  Being the home team, and riding last week's win this weekend will have Toronto picking up another W before beginning a very tough stretch. 2-1 Toronto.

Vancouver Whitecaps vs Sporting Kansas City - Omar Bravo's red card last week is coming back to bite SKC  again this week and it hurts as they are continuing what has to be the longest away stretch any team could face.  Vancouver is also missing an important player though in Eric Hassli who scored twice for them in their MLS debut.  Two DPs out this week leaves no real advantage to either team for that.  SKC is still the better team I think though, but with Vancouver returning home I see everything coming out even in a 1-1 draw.

New England Revolution vs Portland Timbers - Week 1 I had New England as the worst team in the league, now I can't say anything of the sort.  Draw at LA, beating D.C. at home.  These are some good results for this team, and now playing the Timbers at home.  NE is going to start 2-0-1 on the year.  2-0 New England.

New York Red Bulls vs Houston Dynamo - New York's depth was tested last week, some saying it was a great showing because of how many players NY was missing.  Myself I say it was a poor showing as they were up against a weak Columbus side.  With everyone rejoining them this week I see New York returning to form and giving Houston a reason to wish they had just stayed home.  That being said, Houston did manage to hold Seattle to a draw at Qwest and with that environment being as loud and hostile as it is, it is a feat. 2-1 NY.

Los Angeles Galaxy vs Philadelphia Union - Match of the week in my opinion.  Philadelphia is riding a strong start, L.A. is at home wanting to prove something after drawing New England and being picked apart by RSL, and the fans are going to benefit.  If Philly can control the possession and tempo well I can see them doing the same.  LA's style does not provide patience to the team a lot of the time, especially when down.  That said, Donovan returns for this game and that is never something to be underestimated.  Because of their energy and aggression I still see LA winning, but Philly will provide a fight.  2-1 LA.

San Jose vs Seattle - San Jose is going to get the chance to put on the Wondo show again I think.  Seattle has not shown it can do anything so far this year and after the start they have had I can't see them being able to go into San Jose and put up a favorable result. 2-0 SJ.

April 3rd

Colorado Rapids vs D.C. United - D.C. is a bit of an enigma to me at this point.  After their first game I thought they had really turned it around, but after their second I am not so sure.  I'm not saying they are bad, just that I am not sure where they are at in their game.  Colorado on the other hand hasn't had a real challenge yet, facing two weak teams.  D.C. could be either of these and more of their character will be revealed in this game than Colorado's.  Still, I have to lean towards the fact that the Rapids are the MLS champs and being at home doesn't hurt at all.  3-1 Rapids.

April 5th

Saprissa vs Real Salt Lake - With their bye this week RSL will not be joining in MLS competition, but instead continuing their CONCACAF run down in Costa Rica.  The home leg saw a great win by RSL, and with the home and away rules as they are RSL needs to put only a single ball into the net to all but assure their victory.  This would be a bit less sure, but with 3 guys out due to card accumulation the "Monster's Cave" loses some of it's bite.  Now if we can just avoid coins and the like being thrown at our guys... 1-1 draw with RSL moving on to the finals.

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