Major League Soccer Week 4 approacheth - previews and picks

Okay, so what if it started on Wednesday and here I am on Friday writing this?  I blame <insert your own personal least favorite person/deity/animal/mineral>.  Now that we're agreed we move on.  

So week three saw some craziness (Vancouver's comeback), some surprises (Columbus beating Dallas), and a good number of draws (Toronto v Chivas, New England v Portland, New York v Houston, San Jose v Seattle).  Colorado continued on it's road of dominance of those it has faced thus far, and LA managed to pick up 3 points after their demolishing at the hands of RSL.  Speaking of RSL, did you hear they have a small series of games coming up at the end of the month after winning the aggregate over Saprissa.  I ended up calling the result on only 3 games overall for last week.  None of which were dead on.  On to the nuttiness that will be this weekend!

Friday April 8th

FC Dallas vs Colorado Rapids - A rematch of the MLS Cup final last November I think this game is going to be a much more one sided affair this go around.  Dallas is at the bottom of the entire league points wise and Colorado is riding high.  Colorado is also showing improvement in all aspects of their game and I think Dallas is just beginning to flounder more and more from playing 3 games and having a single point to show for it.  Pure disparity in these two.  Whether this game had been in Colorado or Dallas and whether Connor Casey was going to be there or not, the Rapids have this in the bag. 3-1.

Saturday April 9th

Seattle Sounders vs Chicago Fire - Neutral field and I think Chicago takes this one.  Not necessarily with how they have been playing (though they seemed to have improved some over last year), but with how poorly Seattle is.  At Qwest field though it becomes tougher.  The team will be wanting to get their crowd behind them and draw inspiration from it in order to achieve their first three point result of the season.  In 4 games Seattle is sitting on 2 Ls and 2 Ds for a whopping 2 points.  Chicago wants to show that it's worthy of it's current 4 points in 2 games.  I see neither side coming out overly happy, but by the end they will be happy to hang on to what they get. 2-2 draw.

Philadelphia Union vs New York Red Bulls - I really like Philly.  Yes they lost to L.A. but they do play some good soccer and I think they are fun to watch.  If Le Toux steps up even further this year than he has in the past this team will have a great season and little to worry about when it comes to making the playoffs.  In order to do that though his supporting cast really does need to calm down and not flip out like they did against LA.  That red card at the end of the game was almost as stupid as Hassli's on Wednesday night.  New York on the other hand seems to suffer no lack of talent as we all know, but what is happening with it?  Are they living up to the expectations that everyone has?  I don't think so at all.  I can't quite pick out where their problem is.  I know that Henry can't score to save his life no matter how many chances he's given, and I question how well the team is meshing with such large egos on hand.  They can perform in spots, but I am still waiting to see an entire game that I feel like they won because they spent so much money and not because they had a good solid team.  Favorite in the East or not, New York falls and Philly comes out on top 2-1.

New England Revolution vs Real Salt Lake - A 2 man advantage wasn't enough of a helping hand for the Revs to get past Vancouver on Wednesday and you have to wonder what that will do to their confidence come Saturday's match against RSL.  It can't help to know you went from playing against an expansion team and simply drawing even with the cards to playing what has become the MLS' darling in the last month and a half.  Both teams have done an equal amount of traveling(approx 5k miles for each) this week so I don't see either getting an advantage out of that.  RSL just got done playing a fairly good game overall on artificial turf Tuesday and going directly to Gillette instead of going back to grass partially evens out that advantage.  Home crowd for New England?  RSL just got out of the monsters cave.  Sorry Revs, it's going to be another defeat at the hands of the claret and cobalt.  2-1 RSL.

DC United vs LA Galaxy - After their first game of the season I had high hopes for D.C. United.  I do like to see teams rise to success one year to the next, and hey, who doesn't like an underdog?  After that first game and Charlie Davies' great goals it seemed like D.C. has come together as a team like their teams of old.  The following two losses though overshadow this and show that they still haven't quite gotten to where they need to be.  L.A. coming off of that barely win at home last weekend will be tough to beat as usual, but I think if D.C. has some patience, wait for their opportunities, and in general capitalize on the mistakes L.A. can make while minimizing their own they have a good shot.  1-1 draw.

Chivas USA vs Columbus Crew - Robin Fraser picked up his first point as a MLS coach this last week and I think that one single point is going to help this team get better overall, and there will be signs of that this week.  Columbus has to feel good about beating Dallas by two and keeping a clean sheet, and that is going to keep the moment moving in their favor overall though.  This is going to be an ugly game but I think Chivas will manage to move to 2 points on the season while Columbus fans will be scratching their heads wondering where last week's team went.  1-1.

San Jose Earthquakes vs Toronto FC - 12 goals in a row by a single player.  That is the stat that I think San Jose simultaneously should be happy about (at least for Chris Wondolowski being consistent) and the rest of the team should just flat out be ashamed of.  Luckily that streak has ended and maybe more production will come from those around Wondo.  Their defense dropped the ball last week late game and let Vancouver steal 2 points away from them.  They will want revenge and who better than another bunch of Canadians?  Both teams are running flat across the board at 1-1-1 but if nothing else you can use the Vancouver game as a comparison for the two.  Where Toronto lost, San Jose still managed to come away with a tie.  Between home field and this fact the Earthquakes will add three to their total for the season. 2-1 SJ.

Houston Dynamo vs Vancouver Whitecaps - Losing Hassli by a red card on Wednesday to what I consider one the stupidest things to even do hurts.  3 of their 8 goals have come because of him, and while this will be his second game gone due to the dreaded red I think it will hurt the team mentally more this time than the last.  Houston is coming into this week having held New York to a draw which I think they need to feel really good about.  I think this is going to be their game to lose. 3-2 Houston.

So there they are.  Agree?  Disagree?  Have a great recipe for peanut butter bars?  Let me know below in the comments.  

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