Real Salt Lake 1 - San Jose Earthquakes 2 - Post Match Press conference & quotes

Well I have seen a disappointed Jason Kreis before, I have seen him upset, but I don't every remember seeing him seething mad before Saturday night. It was a fairly short press conference as I think all in attendance got that Jason wasn't exactly in a mood to talk about things, check it out for yourself.

RSL Head Coach Jason Kreis

On his feelings about the game...

"I don't know a time that I felt as mad as I do right now. I'll be honest with you, soccer can be a very cruel game. I think tonight was every indication of that. We had a ton of chances where we don't finish in their box and they created a couple of chances and finished. We had players that made big mistakes again, so it's heartening for sure."

On the team's mistakes...

"We've told our players now for a very long time that we will give goals away a couple of ways. One, will be on dead balls; tonight there was evidence of that with a throw-in that lead to a long free kick into our box. The other will be on counter attacks where we give away position cheaply and we had two incidences of that on Wednesday. So, we have to remind the players again that they need to be ultra-focused because unfortunately, as I said earlier, it's a cruel game. Different nights we take advantage of some of those opportunities, maybe get a call here and there, which puts us in a good place so then we aren't as considered. We did reward ourselves for all of the momentum that we gave throughout the match and if we had done that, it would have been completely different. There is so much injustice in the world right now."

More quotes after the jump:

RSL Head Coach Jason Kreis

On Morales' progress towards 90 minutes of fitness...

"A lot, I thought that he again got better as he went along. We were really considered to have him play the full 90 minutes but we kept talking to him and he was very positive about wanting to stay out there. I think he was wanting to right some injustices. We were pleased to see him score the goal."

On all the talk of about how RSL is in a great situation...

"I didn't hear any of that. Maybe that is because I don't read about what is written about us. Maybe there are too many people who are in the locker room that read what is written about us because it seems like every single time everyone says we are in a great situation, we lose. For me, the only great situation is when you have won and then you can talk about it about what a great situation you just presented yourself because you just won. But talking about it before the game is played is useless."

On whether or not RSL has lost their edge here at Rio Tinto Stadium...

"It's tough for me to say. I'm discouraged and mad at the world, of course, like I have never been before that I can remember but I'm not ready to throw in the towel and say that we've lost the mystique of Rio Tinto. We just need to correct some small things. For me it's two games in a row. Honest to god, we didn't lose the game, we gave the game away, twice in a row, so if someone comes in here and beats us from end line to end line for 90 minutes then I will have a different answer for you but right now we are beating ourselves."

RSL MF Kyle Beckerman

Overall thoughts on the match...

"We gave up two soft goals and we didn't finish clear cut chances. Those two combined, you're not going to win many games. It doesn't matter if you're home or away. We created the chances that you need to win a game."

RSL MF Will Johnson

Overall thoughts on the match...

"That was a good fight to pull that goal back and then we were pushing for the winner and just gave up the most unprofessional of goals - just mistake after mistake after mistake."

"You've got to pick yourself up and dig deep. We need to get mentally tougher and stop conceding goals. We are just conceding so many soft goals right now and making it hard on ourselves and putting a lot of pressure on ourselves when we get in front of goal, knowing that we have to score multiple goals to win games. The best teams in the world win a lot of games 1-0, both at home and on the road. Championship teams don't win games 3-2 every week so we've got to sort out giving up so many weak goals."

RSL DF Nat Borchers

On tonight's loss...

"It seems like Wednesday was a game we gave away. We had two very bad mistakes, and tonight we had a mistake on my part for the first goal, and the second goal was a set-piece goal. We had full control of both games and weren't even able to get a point out of it, so it's tough."

On the past week...

"It's a week we'd rather forget for sure. I think we played some very good soccer and created a lot of chances in these two games but we didn't get the results, so we have to look forward and look for results in the future."

On losing at home...

"Lately it would be the last two games. I think we need to tighten things up in the back even when we have a ton of chances in a game we can't finish, so that's going to happen, but in the back we can't keep doing the mistakes that we did."

RSL DF Chris Wingert

On what went wrong...

"We had a ton of chances in the beginning trying to weather the storm, then we took advantage of a couple of opportunities in the second half and that was the difference in the match."

On getting back in winning form...

"Not get beat on the second goal. It was my man who scored a goal you know. He just reacted quicker than I did. I need to get to the ball first. "

SJ Earthquakes Head Coach Frank Yallop

On the difference between a win and a tie for San Jose...

"Well both teams had some really great chances. Real Salt Lake managed the ball well, they possessed it well, but we had the same amount of chances and in soccer it's all about finishing the chances you have and Salt Lake couldn't manage to finish theirs."

On the defensive performance by the back four...

"They never crumbled under a lot of pressure, Salt Lake put a lot of pressure on us. That's how they have to play every night and that's how they have played all season. I'm proud of the way that we kept going in such a difficult place to play, they are a great team and winning is very difficult and for us to come out of here with three points is wonderful."

On the performance of Alan Gordon coming off the bench...

"Well that's Alan for you, he is a terrific player. He is just kind of getting back to match fitness but that is exactly his role on this team to come in late and to make an impact. He is a great character and the guys love having him around, he brings some great team spirit and he just has a knack for scoring goals. He has played his role so well this season and especially tonight."

SJ Earthquakes FW Chris Wondolowski

On pushing for a goal...

"To be honest, I was a little bit nervous in the second half; we were starting to get on our heels a little bit. I thought in the first half, we played well and we executed our game plan. They came out after half time; I'm not sure exactly what they changed, but they came out flying and really played well and were really creating a lot of opportunities, but about the 70th minute mark, we looked around and I think there was a little bit of break, and we said, we need to buckle down and start fighting hard and we'll create some opportunities, and when we get them we need to finish them and that's what we did.

On Gordon's performance...

"Legend. I've never been a part of this where someone comes off the bench, scores so many late goals, and is such an influence out there. Another goal and assist, even if he doesn't get the goal, he just has such a presence out there that just makes it fun to be a part of.

On the performance of San Jose's defenders...

"They were all over the place; they're great. They fought hard, I thought our defense did really well. Salt Lake has such a plethora of great attacking options and they showed it well, kept good possession, created a lot of opportunities, and defense played well, had to clear a couple off the line. I thought Bush did well, and to be honest, I think we were a little bit fortunate so it is what it is, we'll take it."

On getting the three points at Rio Tinto...

"To be honest, I've never personally won in Rio Tinto; I think Rice Eccles maybe one time. This is a tough place to play, so to come away with three points is huge and something we'll build on. First place in the league--we'll take that . We need to keep building on it though; we can't be content where we are right now. We're not even half way through the season, so we still need to buckle down and fix a couple things, but I think we're heading in the right direction and we just need to stay the course.

On the mentality that allows for scoring late goals...

"I think that's just the mentality we came in with; we're always going to try to get three points. I think a lot of times, especially coming into Rio Tinto, teams would be content with just trying to come away with a 0-0 tie . We try to go out there and press the game, play our game, but we never give up-like the goonies say, "never say die." It's fun to be a part of."

SJ Earthquakes FW Alan Gordon

On team's late goal victory...

"Another good one for us. It's been a common thing and we're used to it. It's kind of crazy, but we're rolling right now."

On coming off the bench...

"It hasn't changed. I'm always looking to come in and add a little energy. The last two games have been in altitude and guys are tired and I'm coming in to give fresh legs. I've been fortunate to be on the score sheet and causing some chance up there.

SJ Earthquakes DF Jason Hernandez

On his goal line save...

"A lot of times there's a scramble in the box and Bush gets caught out trying to make a play, and in training, I've been known to just creep in behind him and just try to be that last line of defense and in years past, I've had one or two go my way and that's just something that's natural for me. I get back there and just try to keep the ball out of the net, and luckily, it came right to me and I was fortunate enough to hit it over."

"Saborio is a very talented striker and he's scored a lot of goals in this league, and I think on that occasion I was able to come out on top. You don't get to rob Saborio of a lot of goals."

On the performance of defense...

" If you play a lot of games in this league, you understand that if you take wave after wave of attack, eventually something is going to happen, go wrong, and they're going to put one away. I think there's the combination of some of the guys making some extraordinary plays, and also I'm sure there's going to be a few plays Real Salt Lake are going to want back in front of the net. They're notorious for being a good offensive team and clinical in front of the goal. We're just happy we could make the plays we needed to in order to get the win."

So there you go the thoughts from inside both of the locker rooms.


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