State of the Squad: RSL taking shape with preseason in full swing

George Frey

With the preseason in full swing, Real Salt Lake's squad has nearly taken shape. Aside from forwards, are all of the pieces set? What more can be expected from Garth Lagerwey and company?

Let's take a moment and look at the state of the squad. We know in the past we've held steady at 26 players, with reasons for that largely being allocation money-related. However, given our recent shakeup of the squad, and given recent improvements to the reserves setup, we may see that number end at 28.

Considering we're at 25 already (given assumptions about the two SuperDraft picks signing) and still intending to sign a quality international forward, it seems safe to say there's a chance we might not stop at 26. Doing so would leave us slightly short up front, and with a younger squad, more depth is probably necessary.

Goalkeepers (3)

Real Salt Lake is well-stocked at goalkeeper, although there could be a chance of another coming in — Kyle Reynish was invited to camp again and potentially could have re-joined the squad on a pay cut, and former Seattle Sounders goalkeeper Andrew Weber was in camp for at least some time.

Defenders (Central) (5)

Another position at which Real Salt Lake are well-stocked. Carlos Salcedo's a real talent, Aaron Maund could be fantastic, and the three remaining — Borchers, Schuler and Watson-Siriboe — are proven quantities.

Defenders (Full backs) (4)

We're well-stocked here, too — and considering that Chris Schuler can deputize on the left if needed, we're in good shape.

Could make squad: Granger, Wasserman (supplemental draft picks)

Midfielders (10)

We're doing pretty well in midfield — John Stertzer might not play in 2013, so maybe this should actually read "Midfielders (9)," but that sort of misses the point of the exercise.

Could make squad: Khari Stephenson (trial)

Forwards (3)

Yeah, yeah — we need more forwards. Don't fret; there's no reason to expect that we won't be signing one, given that essentially every statement made by Garth Lagerwey has us signing a couple of those. We're also linked with one, Joao Plata, and we've invited Peri Marosevic in for at least a portion of training camp.

Could make squad: Peri Marosevic (trial), Joao Plata (rumored)

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