Matt Montgomery

Managing Editor

Matt Montgomery is the managing editor of RSL Soapbox and a supporter of Real Salt Lake. All of which rather comes as no surprise, really. He's a graduate of seven years of undergrad study, which culminated in his receiving a diploma reading "University Studies."


Olmes Garcia, diving, and the Olave incident


Olmes Garcia is a player with a lot of skill, goalscoring potential, attacking nous, and a bad habit.

Three things to watch: RSL v. NYRB


It's all about strikers today as Real Salt Lake takes on a difficult goalscoring side in New York Red Bulls.

Goal Breakdown: Luke Mulholland scores a set piece

Luke Mulholland's goal on Thursday against Montreal Impact was not the fastest scored by Real Salt Lake this year - in fact, it's the third-fastest - but it was the fastest by the ever-growing...

Olmes Garcia and his return to goalscoring


Today, we're celebrating the return of Olmes Garcia to goalscoring action, and while it seems like a distant memory, it's something that's probably burned in right now. It's relevant because we...

Sebastian Saucedo: A guide to the young attacker


Real Salt Lake announced the signing of 17-year-old Sebastian Saucedo yesterday on a homegrown contract. If you follow RSL's youth development and academy, it's a name you've probably heard a lot,...

SL Trib: Saucedo signing effective Jan. 2015?


Chris Kamrani of the Salt Lake Tribune reports that Saucedo's signing sees him join the roster in 2015, or after a player is removed from the roster.

Sebastian Saucedo signs with RSL


Real Salt Lake have signed Sebastian Saucedo, 17-year-old attacking midfielder and forward, according to reports from Salt Lake Tribune reporter Chris Kamrani. Saucedo almost certainly joins on a...

Soccer in Utah: Short-lived Utah Golden Spikers


In 1976, Salt Lake City had a professional soccer team: the Utah Golden Spikers, a member of the American Soccer League. This might come as somewhat of a surprise. They weren't particularly...

Three things to watch against Montreal Impact


The last three matches for Montreal Impact have gone rather like their first three matches of the season went, which is to say, they were all losses. A reasonable assumption would be that Montreal...

Goal Breakdown: Plata's movement against Vancouver

It's been a while since we've really had a goal to breakdown, but Joao Plata saved us from the doldrums of discussing penalty kicks for an umpteenth time by scoring a smart, creative goal on...

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