MLS Fantasy, Week Four: Plata top of the pack, lots of absences

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Top three picks

Joao Plata ... $7.0 ... Remarkably, Joao Plata hasn't gone up in price since arriving at the club and finding Saborio for two very vital goals. He's not rolling in points (only nine across the three weeks) but is Real Salt Lake's second-best forward in fantasy rankings. If you've got the money to spare, he could have a breakout season — and in Saborio's absence, someone will have to step up.

Devon Sandoval ... $5.5 ... when he's come on, he's looked very good — not at all like a rookie. Perhaps it was his training with Real Salt Lake while still in college, but Sandoval has played more than you'd expect for most RSL rookies (a paltry 14 minutes, though) and could be set for a starting place with the absence of Alvaro Saborio to international duty. He's also very, very cheap, so if your team is stacked in other regards, he presents a nice out.

Nat Borchers ... $5.3 ... He could be set to come back this weekend (in fact, let's really, really hope he does) and has dropped in value in his absence. If he plays, he'll get points, plain and simple, and he represents a great value right now.

Outside picks

Enzo Martinez ... $6.3 ... Jason Kreis has been talking highly of Enzo and dropped a hint that he may get some playing time this week. We'll see, obviously, but if he does, he's dropped in value as he hasn't played — making him a reasonable pick-up.

Josh Saunders ... $5.3 ... Saunders will play this weekend, but probably not beyond that. If you're looking to burn a free transfer, here's a good shot.

Reviewing last week

Chris Schuler ... 5 points ... Schuler is currently RSL's top defensive player — and joint-leading points-getter with 20 — and went up $0.1 once again. He may have made some mistakes, but he was one of RSL's best picks last week.

Ned Grabavoy ... 1 point ... Ned didn't get the start, but he looked dangerous in his second-half appearance. He didn't net many points. Whoops.

Luis Gil ... 2 points ... Gil could have done better from a fantasy perspective, but his role in the goal is unmistakable.

Alvaro Saborio ... 7 points ... the goalscorer — one of the best in the league without a doubt — and a reliable fantasy pick. Just, you know, not this week.

Dangerous picks

Where do we start? Why don't you just review Real Salt Lake's injuries and absences I wrote about yesterday. To make it brief: Don't select Rimando, Beltran, Beckerman, Saborio, Mansally, Wingert, Morales, Salcedo, Balchan, Stephenson, and maybe Viana.

Drops and gains

Josh Saunders, Enzo Martinez and John Stertzer all dropped $0.1 in price, while Chris Schuler continued his rise and went up $0.1 in price.

Join and discuss

If you haven't already joined the RSL Soapbox fantasy league on, why not? Have at it. The code, if you'd rather use that than a link, is 193-1687.

As always, you're encouraged to discuss your team in the comments.

Remember, changes to your team must be made by 11:15 a.m. MST on Saturday.

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