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A quick intro to the new RSL Soapbox

OK, there is a lot going on with this new site and you can find a really good overview of the site and features by reading the WELCOME GUIDE it really does offer a great look as the features.  One huge part of the move was the Fan Posts and Fan Shots options that will allow you to be a part of the action, by posting your own thoughts, pictures videos, and having converstaions about the team we love RSL.

After the Jump I will explain a little bit more about the different things you see on the layout of the blog.

The Left Nav:
First up is the subscribe section, where you can get the RSS feeds of not only the blog but also the Fan Posts and Shots, then is the listing of the huge variety of SB Nation Blogs (under soccer I highly recommend "Daily Soccer Fix".

Then will be some of the blogs and sites that I visit on a regular basis, who knows what else I will add there but I believe soon you will see MLS Scores and perhaps a widget showing the standings.

The Main Frame:

First up the tabs:


This is fairly basic stuff as there are four options that will show up, Home is where the action is, Fan Posts is where you get your say, Fan Shots is where videos, pictures and such will be loaded, and Archives gives you an easy way to make sure I really said what I said I said (say that 5 times real fast).

Then Content- it doesn't get simpler than just scrolling down to read the content, but you will notice something I have wanted for a while.  Jumps, this allows you to see part of the post and decide if you want to read more without having to scroll all the way to the next post.  This will be very helpful when I post pictures.

The Right Nav:

So here is where you get a ton of information, first up is search, followed by your controlable options, then is the most recent Fan Posts and the most recent Fan Shots.  I have added the RSL Vortex which will provide you with the latest news and videos from the offical RSL website. Next up is some recent stories compiled by SB Nation.

Now any of these sections can be modified by me, so you will like see some changes over the next few days and weeks as we start to get this site finalized.

If you have any suggestions or questions just let me know.

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