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Philly Expansion selections and

Well I am listening to the Nowak interview/press conference waiting for the announcements of the 10 players selected in the Expansion draft.  Right now all I hear is background conversations.  MLS should learn to not turn a feed on until it is actually time, I get holding the info until the press conference but I still expect a bit more from them than a open mic in a room full of people.

OK, they are almost ready to go:

  1. Brad Knighton-GK- New England
  2. David Myrie - D - Chicago
  3. Shavar Thomas- D - Chivas
  4. Jordan Harvey - D - Colorado
  5. Shea Salinas - M - San Jose
  6. Stefani Miglioranzi - M - LA Galaxy
  7. Andrew Jacobson - M -DC United
  8. Nick Zimmerman- F- New York
  9. Alejandro Moreno- F - Columbus
  10. Sebastien LeToux - F - Seattle

Not all the picks I would have gone with but several good players on there I had two right but I would have taken a few more risks.