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Real Salt Lake avoids Expansion draft but makes moves anyhow

Well I have heard it from a couple sources now that RSL has traded GK Chris Seitz to the Philadelphia Union for allocation money, and I think it is a hard move but Chris needs a chance to play and I don't think many expect Nick Rimando to have found the fountain of youth when RSL originally picked him up.  I wish Chris the best, he is a talented player and a heck of a nice guy, the question is who will Tony Beltran now chose as his running mate?

In other news, Bill Riley is reporting that RSL has picked up journeyman Abe Thomposon from Houston, the 6 ft 29 yr old striker has been moved around from team to team in recent years going from FC Dallas to KC, and this year found his way to Houston.  He was the only player picked from the MLS waiver draft, his $63,000 salary this year was a bit less than departing Yura Movsisyan, but when coming off waivers players usually renegotiate their contract and often for less so RSL could be getting a bargain

Abe's career numbers are: 15 goals and 12 assists in 86 matches played (40 starts) and 3,750 minutes of playing time.  Yura's career numbers were: 81 games played (42 starts) and 4,174 minutes of playing time with 20 goals and 3 assists.  So it sounds almost like a wash in the stats but you have to give Yura a ton of credit for showing heart at the right time of the season.

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