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A real holiday miracle for the Real Salt Lake Family

If you are a fan of RSL, then you have probably lost sleep this year worried about the condition of Marcia and the Williams family struggle to deal with her battle against cancer.  I am not going to go into a lot of details, but I know that thousands of people stepped up with prayers, to volunteer, to donate, and to be there to support the Williams family.  I know that the family, their friends and fans have shed thousands of tears this year, and I know that for Andy to have Marcia in Seattle was a huge moment.

I wrote a post earlier this week highlighting an article on the FIFA website about the miracle of Salt Lake, but I can with great honor and relief tell you that the real holiday miracle has taken place.  It was last night that I saw the post on facebook from Andy "Great, great, greaaaat news today but I won't spill the beans. I'll give her the honors. Thanks again everyone for all of your prayers."

I know my heart along with many others jumped in anticipation of Marcia's post a couple hours later "God is good baby! God is good! NO CANCER, whoopee!!! Thanks for all the prayers guys... love ya!"

If you have ever needed to believe that miracles still happen in this crazy world we live in, then I offer this simply proof that not only do miracles happen, they happen to people you know.

There are thousands of people out there still looking for bone marrow donors, thousands still waiting for their miracle to happen.  I hope this convinces each of us to do more to so that others may experience the same miracle that the Williams family has.