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A new coach for DC United

So after missing the MLS playoffs for the second straight year DC was looking for a change and their answer came in the form of  KC's cast off coach Curt Onalfo?  Really, I am not kidding the coach that was let go by KC has been hired by the league's most honored team.  So proof that you can run a bottom dweller into the cellar and get rewarded by going to the real "glamor" team of MLS, sorry LA you are just posers.

I did find the statement by Kevin Payne, remember the guy who criticized teams for playing defensive on the road, then apologized for his statement but still got fined by "the Don", about Curt interesting: "Our first priority was to find someone who shares the club's long-standing philosophy of attacking soccer -- and Curt absolutely does”.  To be the funniest thing I have heard in months, consider that KC scored 33 goals last year and only the New York Red Bulls scored fewer (27).  Yup that sounds like a guy who is all about the attacking style of soccer.

I think this is a clear sign to soccer fans that DC United's owners don’t put much value on coaching.  Was the talent pool so shallow that when a college coach from Akron, OH turned you down you had to find a coach that was let go from another team.  Listen if this is a budget move, then fine I get it, if it is about having a former player in charge who knows the organization, then fine I get it.  If this is an honest attempt by Kevin to tell us that in all the world, that the most prestigious team in MLS history, that Curt was the best coach available, well I find it very hard to believe.

I do think former players can make great coaches, heck I think Jason Kreis is living proof, but I know the work and dedication that Jason has put in over the last two years towards becoming a better coach, and while I don’t know Curt or his work habits, I have to question the decision by DC United with their very deep pockets to have their search be Curt or a guy from Ohio.

Anyhow I wish Curt the best, I know that being in the DC United organization is pressure packed and that the fans at RFK deserve better than they have gotten the last couple years.