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A great look at the possbility of the MLS going to 2 DP's

If you read anything on, or, then you have read Steve Davis.  He is one of the very best writers who covers MLS, he loves the sport and knows what he is talking about.  He just wrote a piece for ESPN about the desire of some MLS owners to get the league to increase the number of DP slots allocated to a team to two. In which he talks to RSL GM Garth Lagerwey, an added bonus to the article.

I get it, the rich teams (LA, New York, DC United, Seattle) all want to be able to add a second DP to their rosters, but I say let them work a trade with one of the many teams who haven't used their spot yet.  I don't know what the final decisions will be from the CBA, or if it will impact this decision or the salary cap (neither were covered in the last CBA), but I think it is a very bad move at this point of the league.

I get that some people think we are there, and ready to move forward at a very fast pace but I believe there are some very big issues that the league still needs to deal with first.  Things like moving control from MLS to the teams, I understand the need for a strong league and comish, but when all contracts are negotiated by the league it hampers relationships and effectiveness.  That includes, players, jerseys, sponsors, and such.

Anyhow the article is a good read, so go read it.