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2 DP's in MLS is fine with me, as long as everyone plays by the same rules

I get that many people think I am against the move by MLS to add a second DP slot to each team, I am not, but I think it is a silly move and unless it is done where every team has to follow the same rules, it could be a disaster.  If a team wants to sign two "DP" players who count for a cap hit of $415,000 (paid by MLS), then I say let them.  They shouldn't get a break on the salary cap, or international player restrictions, or any other rules.  So for LA, which already now has two DP's (Beckham and Donovan), they should not get another slot and both of those two should count the full cap hit against the team salary cap.

Since no team has won MLS Cup with a DP, and since the current batch are either players who make a huge on the field difference (GBS, JPA, Blanco, Ljungberg) or those who help their teams more in financal ways (Beckham, Blanco, and nobody else).  Let the rich owners go crazy with a second DP spot, let them commit 30% of their current salary cap to two players.  Heck increase the salary cap to 3 million for each team, so if they chose to use the 2 DP slots, they will still have over 2 million for the other 26 players (yes I think we need 28 man rosters back).  It would probably be good if those same owners would agree that the league minimum should become $45,000 a year for all players.

Let, New York, DC, Seattle, and LA have their second DP spot, but do not punish the rest of the league for their desire to spend over the salary cap, do not bend the rules so those with deep pockets get an advantage over those who are running their organizations with less.  Don't create a league where you have a top 4 that remain the same 95% of the time, don't become every other US sport that caves in to the rich owners who only care about their own interests.  Make a smart decision for the league and not just those who are yelling the loudest.