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Online Popularity poll features two RSL names

So it is the time of year when websites and others try to pick the person of the year and in Utah things are no different as the Salt Lake Tribune has entered the fray this year with this poll.

It is funny that the list includes criminals, victims of crimes, and misc other people, but perhaps the most interesting selections are those of Dave Checketts and Nick Rimando of RSL.  The two give RSL a huge advantage over the one Jazz player (Carlos Boozer) who is on the list, and to be honest looking at the list it would be amazing if Nick Rimando didn't win.  Honestly which is your "Utahn of the Year" Elizabeth Smart or Nick Rimando?  Right now RImando leads with over 25% of the voting, in second place is a criminal Tim DeChristopher who placed fraudulent bids on a BLM auction, who has 14% you have to love a state that thinks a criminal who costs taxpayers millions of dollars by making the Dept of Interior do another round of auctions is their Utahan of the year.

So If you care about these kinds of things, stop by the SLtrib site and cast your vote, for me it is like holding a online popularity contest.  When you put Elizabeth Smart on the list for going to court and testifying in her case on the list you have lowered a bar so low that I think the contest means nothing.  Really should every victim of a crime who goes to court be nominated as a person of the year?  Sorry it either tells me how a name is more important than any actual accomplishment or that the people making the poll simply too a look at a list of people in the news over the last few months and put them all on the list.

I think will be much happier with his MLS Cup Championship and his MVP award in that match, than he would be with the results of this online poll.