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Should RSL bring back Ian Joy?

Ian Joy
Ian Joy

So I am a fan of Ian Joy as a player, and as a person. He currently is without a club and has worked out his family situation and willing to come back to the US to play. Before he left RSL last season he was making $126,000, which is less than Olave or Borchers but more than Wingert and Beltran. He was a solid player in 2008 and brought a grit and passion to the pitch every time he laced up his boots, but his injury in the Austin exhibition match really cost him his 2009 season.

So with a very busy schedule coming up in 2010 and I believe the need for some experienced players to boost our depth, should RSL reach out and try to work a deal with Ian?

I am going to say yes they should, there were a few times last year that the passion level dropped off for RSL. Think the 3-0 loss at FC Dallas, where the leadership of a guy like Ian would have been very helpful. I also think that Ian has more ability to be part of the offensive effort than does Wingert, that is just my opinion. I also believe that Ian brings something to the organization that is hard to put a price tag on, and that is his relationship with the fans.

Ian was one of a very small group of players who was willing to be a big part of the supporter culture, from being the judge in the first home brew contest, to hanging out in the stands for a match when he was out with an injury. Things like that are impossible to value in dollars and cents, but live on in the memories of the fans for a very long time.

So I say that as Jason, Garth, and Bill are getting ready for the draft on Thursday, that a phone call is in order to at least take the time to have the conversation to see if Ian and RSL are heading in the same directions and if so can we make it happen?