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Should RSL pick up Dave van den Bregh?

So I asked the question about Ian Joy and so far over 80% of the people think we should bring him back. I was reading SBI and saw this post (Van Den Bergh in Limbo as FC Dallas prepare for draft) and while Dave got paid a lot $227,000 last year, FC Dallas have let his contract expire and haven't even offered him the league minimum to stay with the team.

I was really surprised last year when New York let him go, and not surprised when they struggled all year without him.
Could FC Dallas be about to make the same mistake? He did have 11 assists to go with his 3 goals last year. I did think he would be an interesting fit with RSL and imagine him on one side and Fabi on the other feeding balls into Robbie, it would be impressive.

So should RSL make and offer to pick up Dave van den Bregh? If the price were right and we are going to play the 4-3-3 next year, I say yes we should. Your thoughts?