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2010 Draft Updates

So it is my lunch time and I will post as many of the first round picks as I can, one thing is clear Philly is going to try to build their team from the expansion and 2010 MLS draft as they have picked up a number of slots by trading allocation  money, they now have 3 of the first 7 picks.

#1-Philly- Danny Mwanga- F- 18 , what a great cheer the "oh a guy's name"  Come on SOB, you can do better can't you?

#2- New York- Tony Tchani - M-20, so far no surprises

#3- San Jose-Ike Opara - D-20, again no real surprises as San Jose really needs some help on defense

#4- Kansas City- Teal Bunbury -F-19, it is all going according to plan so far

#5- FC Dallas- Zach Loyd - M- 22, here is hoping that the rumors of van den Bergh being offered for trades is true and I hope Bill and Garth are listening.

#6- Philly- Amobi Okugo - M -18, it really looks like Philly is going to put out a very young team on the pitch this year.

#7- Philly- Jack McInerney - F-17- Wow going very young, not sure where they are going to be looking for experience other than a fairly mediocre expansion draft group.

Just announced Tampa Bay will be the location of the Feb 24th US vs. El Salvador friendly.

#8- Crew- Dilly Duka- M-20- Not much out there about him but he has played with the US u-20 and two years at Rutgers.

#9-New England-Zack Schilawski - F- 22- with all their injuries, this pick does surprise me at all but could it be that Twellman is done after two injury filled years?

#10- Chivas - Blair Gaven - M -20, it is impressive that the Akron Zips have become a power player in college soccer , the top pick last year and two top 10 players this year.

#11- Seattle- David Estrada- F-21- Wow Sigi goes off the radar and pulls a RSL move by getting a player that wasn't project by most to be taken in the first two rounds of the draft.

What the hell, what is a time out in a draft?  They must be working on a trade or something, but Columbus took their timeout.  OK, I really like the behind the scenes look that ESPN 360 will sometimes give you of random events in their studio.  Wow, ESPN 360 stopped coverage of the MLS draft and it switched me to some Coppa Italia match.  Really ESPN way to show your commitment to the MLS, you couldn't even cover a full round of the draft.

#12- Columbus- Bright Dike - F-22- another player off most of the boards, had him as the last pick of the second round going to RSL.

#13- Chicago- Corben Bone - M -21- he was projected as a possible top 5 guy but fell down a bit and I think the Fire are happy about it.

MLS did unveil the 2010 match ball today, click here to take a look, remember RSL will be playing with the silver version as the defending MLS Champions.  Going out on a limb that RSL will get either Andre Akpan or Andrew Wiedeman with their pick

#14- New York- Austin daLuz - M- 21- Wake Forest will be well represented in MLS with 3 first round picks.

#15- LA Galaxy- trade their pick to RSL who with the 15th pick take Collen Warner?  From the University of Portland

#16- Real Salt Lake- LA takes Michael Stephens- M -20 to wrap up the first round of the MLS draft.

I will post more about it later.