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With the 16th pick, Real Salt Lake selects:

Collen Warner
Collen Warner

Nobody as RSL trades picks with LA and choses Collen Warner with the 15th pick.  Warner is a midfielder who played for the University of Portland, well Jason, Garth, and Bill do it again and go with a player that wasn't expected to go this high but why they traded is beyond me.  I will post more on Collen as I get a chance to do some research.

Collen was at the Combine and must have impressed someone to get RSL to trade the 16th pick (plus what??) to LA for the 15th pick. did an interview with him last week, click here to read it

Rumor is that we also gave up the rights to Clint Mathis (who I thought was going to retire)  in order to swap pick spots with LA.  Don't they know they can't afford Clint.

OK, here is the stat line for Collen:

## Name                    GP-GS G A Pts Sh Shot% SOG SOG% GW PK-ATT
14 WARNER, Collen 22-22   9 7 25   60 .150     25    .417       3       3-3

Not a bad line for a young guy, he is 5-10 and 21 yrs old