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Ways to help Haiti

Today channel 2 KUTV is doing a telethon to raise funds for the American Red Cross to help with the relief efforts in Haiti. Here is the info from their website.

You can call 801-908-0608, or 877-908-0680 to donate, as of 30 minutes ago they had already raised over $29,000.

RSL is doing a lot to help out the effort, as the disaster hits close to home, Jean Alexandre is from Haiti and while the team has gotten news that he is safe and in Argentina, he is still trying to get in touch with his father and an aunt who were on the island at the time of the quake.


There are a lot of other efforts going on to help raise funds for Haiti, I would suggest if you are looking for a place to donate that you consider this is the organization set up by Wyclef Jean that has been doing work for Haiti for years.

There are many other ways to help, and on a good day Haiti is a place that always needs our help, but after the earthquake there may be no more important situation that demands our help.  Here is a site with a number of links to groups doing work in Haiti and there is always the Red Cross.

Here is another video, this one from Jozy Altidore talking about the situation in Haiti: