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If you write it they will come, will you help?

So making the choice to move my blog has left me a bit puzzled, the first couple days the traffic was OK considering the fact that it was a new site.  Then the couple weeks of celebration and it was so-so as the news was slow and the traffic slowed down as well.  Over the last couple weeks I have been hit and miss with being able to post things, between being sick and busy at work and it is clear that without new content, traffic dries up.

Over the last few days the numbers have picked back up, with yesterday MLS Draft day seeing just under 500 of you stopping by, and a lot of you came by more than once.  So the site tracker lets me pull up an image that shows me were the last 100 visitors have come from, and one thing is clear the image you see after the jump shows snapshots take over the couple days and as you can see there is a world wide audience out there looking for content.

So I need your help, will you be willing to step up and write a blog post about RSL, the USMNT, or soccer in general?  If you will write it, you will get a chance to not only speak your mind about your favorite player, the stadium, the team, or whatever else fires you up, but barring any thing too far out in left field, I will push your post up to the front page, add it to the twitter feed (, and even push it out to the search engines.  

So sign up as a member, create a fan post, and let the fun begin.

Check out the maps after the jump

Three days and people all around the US, and a whole lot more have stopped by to check it out;


Will you take your turn on the soapbox?