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Some Ruud news for Real Salt Lake fans

Well one thing RSL fans have learned over the last few years is when Dave Checketts sets his mind to something it most often ends up happening.  Well for the past year or so the fact that the DP talk around RSL has most often been tied to one name, may or may not have been actual but Dave did say that a player like Ruud van Nistelrooy is the type he would like to get.

Well it appears that Dave isn't the only one as Tottenham are in talks with Real Madrid to get Ruud on a loan, at least according to the latest transfer news from the UK's version of Yahoo.  I am torn about RSL's pursuit of a DP, as we have had great success with the current squad but a chance to see Ruud play at Rio Tinto sure would be a way to get some more butts in the seats.

In other rude news, most US Soccer fans and Fulham fans are waiting the release of information from yesterday's doctor appointment for Clint Dempsey.  A lot of rumors on both sides of the pond have the injury keeping him out from as long a 8-12 months, while others have (including Deuce himself) are saying he will be back before the end of the year.

I am waiting for the official word to come out on the injury, but usually players tend to be more optimistic than their coaches.  I really hope the news is good.