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Houston on the ropes, some updates and AO Salt Lake style

Last year the Dynamo had to deal with life after DeRo, this year it is likely the challenge will be greater as they have lost Ricardo Clark to Germany.  It is likely that they have seen the last of Stuart Holden (the most underpaid player in MLS-$35,000 in 2009), but to whom is undecided as Bolton still seem interested even as others say he is heading elsewhere.  All I know is that Steve Davis has hit it on the head in his recent post on Daily Soccer Fix, my question is can Kinnear do what he was able to do in San Jose and continue on with after the move to Houston?  Can he find a batch of talented young players and keep them on the roster for multiple years, it is a proven formula that captured multiple MLS Cups and is being replicated by Real Salt Lake's staff.

The Trade

So a lot of people have wondered about the RSL trade of the #16 pick in the 2010 MLS Draft and Clint Mathis to LA for the 15th pick in the 2010 draft and a 3rd round pick in 2011.  From the start I have said based on updates from within the organization that the move was done at the request of Clint Mathis and now there is proof that indeed Clint wanted to be closer to his family.

CBA Update and more after the jump

So I expect more news to come out after the Wednesday sit down between the two sides but the only thing I have found is this from Steve Goff's Soccer Insider, who quotes an unnamed union official as saying "We have advised our players to report to camp as planned. In the meantime, we will continue to meet with the league to determine if an agreement can be reached. As of this date, however, we have no agreement on a new CBA."

American Outlaws -Salt Lake City Chapter

This Saturday will be the kick off event for the American Outlaws local chapter, after meeting the groups requirements to form a local chapter there is no better time to have a get together than to watch a match and for members to have the organizational meeting of our new chapter.

If you don't know who the American Outlaws are, here is the link to their site if you haven't joined yet, why not?

OK that is it so far on a slow MLS news day.