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The 2010 MLS Championship Ball

Oh there are simply so many jokes you could make about balls and championships, but when I saw the new 2010 MLS ball unveiled last week at the MLS Draft I thought it was a good version of the World Cup ball but wondered what the Championship version would look like.

Well the wait is over here is what the MLS Cup Champions will be playing with this year:


I think it looks great, I love that it has gold highlights.  I was lucky enough to see a sneak peek of the whole 2010 RSL Adidas line and while the opinions are mixed on the jersey, I think there are some great items including the zip up hoodie (expensive but incredible), but my favorite item was the 2010 RSL scarf.  It doesn't look like anything RSL has had in the past but I loved it and can't wait for it to come in.  A couple good t-shirt designs, and I still think that Adidas has finally done a womens cut jersey is a great move.

I am hoping that I will be able to convince Brett to let me give you all a sneak peak of what is coming to the team store soon.