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Strangest soccer related story of the day

So one has often wondered about the real link between video games and violence, this story on Reuters leaves little doubt that in Italy the link is real, the news account of the story is factual and to the point.  For a version of the story with a bit more flair's version of the story starts like this:
"Italians love soccer. Despite the fact that the country does occasionally win the World Cup, however, the Italian brand of soccer is more venal than Ben Kingsley in "Sexy Beast."

The teams intimidate, they're negative, they will stoop to violence, and they're infinitely less interesting to watch than Joaquin Phoenix on the "Late Show with David Letterman."

I mention this because I understand that the Italian love of soccer, even virtual soccer, has led to a domestic dispute of stunningly negative proportions."

click here to read the rest of this great look at video game violence and its roots

So perhaps the folks out at RSL should staff up with some security for their upcoming FIFA 10 tournament details on the tournament after the jump

It's here! You can now enter the 1st Annual FIFA 10 Soccer Tournament (Ages 12+)! On Saturday, Februrary 6th, go head-to-head with other local soccer fanatics in a single-elimination XBOX 360 tournament.

When - Saturday, February 6th

Where - Budweiser Club Real at Rio Tinto Stadium

Time - 11am - 4pm (Estimated ending time)

Cost - $30 per person

Entrance Fee Includes -
• 1 lower bowl north goal ticket to opening game
• Food and drinks throughout the tournament
• The option to purchase additional seats to the opening game at a discounted rate
• Chance to win raffle prizes throughout the tournament

Prizes for Winners -
• 1st Place - 2 lower bowl season tickets for the 2010 season
• 2nd Place - An XBOX 360 and a copy of FIFA 10
• 3rd and 4th Place - A copy of FIFA World Cup and a $50 gift card to Play N Trade
• 5th through 8th Place - $30 gift card to Play N Trade

Additional Perks -
• Player Appearances for autographs and photos
• Additional opportunities to play pick-up games after being eliminated
• Photo opportunity with the MLS Cup
• Raffle prizes

Please e-mail Joseph Allen at with any questions that you may have concerning the tournament.

And for the sake of all things sane, please leave your kitchen knives at home.