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For MLS there is no strike and no lockout for now

So I have thought for the last couple weeks that the two sides were making progress and expected a 2-4 week extension of the current CBA, and sure enough:

MLS announces extension of CBA until Feb. 12 (full text after the jump)

and the same info from

The other big soccer news today is that the LA Sol have folded, so while the WPS has two new expansion teams coming on board in 2010, in just its second year one of the major teams folds.  I really hope this isn't a sign of things to come for WPS.

NEW YORK -- Major League Soccer (MLS) and the Major League Soccer Players Union (Players Union) announced Thursday that the two organizations have agreed to continue to negotiate through February 12, as they work towards reaching a new collective bargaining agreement.

"While we still have areas of disagreement, the talks have been constructive and both parties believe it makes sense to continue to work hard to reach agreement," said MLS Commissioner Don Garber. "This extension provides both MLS and the players the opportunity to continue our discussions while clubs are in training camps preparing for the 2010 MLS season."

"Both the Players Union and MLS have concluded that a new agreement will not be reached by February 1, but we have agreed to continue to talk and we will be meeting over the next two weeks to determine if a new agreement can be reached," said Players Union Executive Director Bob Foose. "In the meantime, MLS Players are reporting to training camp, and preparations for the 2010 season will continue."

The current CBA, the first in MLS history, is a five-year agreement that had been scheduled to expire on Jan. 31, 2010.