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What RSL fans do on New Years Eve.

OK, not all of them but a group of local fans got together starting about noon on New Years Eve at Eleventh St. Electric Gallery in Salt Lake City to show their dedication to their favorite MLS team, myself included.

First thanks to Matt and Troy for working a bit late on NYE, hopefully our little group wasn't too much of a pain to deal with.  Second, thanks to Chelsey and others for setting all this up, what a great way to celebrate a year of incredible friends, great soccer, oh yeah and the winning of MLS Cup.

I am not going to give names, everyone may not want their fanatical behavior disclosed to the public but as you attend RSL matches next year don't be surprised if you see some of the following at Rio Tinto:


That is right 8 of us took the time to make sure we would never be without a symbol of our team with us at all times, and despite the pain of two hours under the needle (my first), I would do it again.