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Former RSL player to Greece, and Randers FC got a win

Well it looks like the kid who was tabbed with being the player to make soccer mainstream in the US when he wasn't even a teenager yet will take another step on a very strange journey as SBI is reporting that Freddy Adu will sign in Greece to play for Aris Thessalonki FC.   Perhaps Freddy should have calmed down a bit 3 years ago and before running away to Europe as soon as he hit 18,  stayed and actually gotten playing time in MLS.  Since he has left you can count the number of matches he has started with the various teams he has been with on two hands.

This should serve as a lesson for young players who are chasing the money that Europe can offer, too often we have seen some of the best and brightest of MLS head off to Europe only to find the benches are even hard to find a spot on.  Eddie Johnson, Jozy Altidore, Freddy Adu, each of them have left the comfort of being an everyday player in MLS to sign big contracts and find themselves getting very little playing time.

Speaking of MLS players heading to Europe, the January transfer window will allow Yura to officially join Randers FC, who are on their winter break (I wonder if Blatter is trying to change the Dane's scheduling as well?) and prepare for their final 15 matches when their season starts back up again in March.  Randers will be hoping to use their sole win as motivation to get out of the relegation zone.  Currently Randers and Koge sit with 8 points from 18 matches, both are 13 points behind the team sitting in the last safe spot in the stable.  To gain 13 points in 15 matches will be a tough task and I wish Yura all the best as he attempts to make a difference on a team that is really struggling.  It will be interesting for him going from a championship team to one that has won a single match this season.