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Will the Streak Stay Intact?

Fellow Soapboxers who check this site out regularly have already read Denz's importance of this upcoming match tonight at Rio Tinto in Sandy. So, I will not duplicate his column below.

However, I will give my two-cents on the upcoming match tonight.

We have a great opportunity to win Group A in the CCL before traveling to Colorado for a huge match on Saturday night.

But even another opportunity we have is to extend our home unbeaten streak that is presently standing at 31 games.

The make-up of that streak consists of the following:

17-0-8 in Major League Soccer's regular season

1-0-0 in MLS playoffs

2-0-0 in the CCL

2-0-1 in international friendlies

RSL's aggregate score line over this stretch is a unbelievable 62-15. Also, "the streak" began back in May of 2009.

I will let you digest those numbers above for a second or two...

If you have a hard time counting, then let me add those numbers up for you.

15 goals allowed in 31 games in 19 months!!!!!

I haven't researched any other futbol teams out there and their unbeaten home streaks, but this is impressive!

Do we have enough left in the tank to extend this streak to 32 games? We are playing (in my opinion) one of the best teams in all the CCL. Actually, there have only been two teams that have beaten us in the second half of this year. The first one was FC Dallas and we showed them who we were this past Saturday night by up ending them 2-0 here at Rio Tinto.

Our next victim will be Cruz Azul tonight. You should remember that game. It was an unbelievable shootout in the final 15 minutes of that rain drenched pitch in Mexico City two months ago.

We have some key players likely not to compete, so we will see how deep a squad everyone says we have in Sandy, Utah tonight.

Like Denz stated in the article below, there are over 18,000 tickets sold for this game. Pretty fantastic considering how Utahns spend their Tuesday nights of the week.

I would love to see a sellout, so all you Soapboxers...please promote this game tonight and bask in the glory of our streak being extended to 32 games!