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FC Dallas 2 - Real Salt Lake 1 - quick post match thoughts

Well you had to believe that when RSL scored early and kept up the high pressure and attack at the start of the match that maybe, just maybe the first ever result in Dallas might be in the cards for RSL. Then we hit the 25th minute and FCD made some adjustments that RSL simply were unable to respond to and the rest of the first half was more to the style and pace that FC Dallas wanted to play, and then just before half time Jeff Cunningham did what he often does found himself with the ball at this feet in a crowded box and put it past the keeper to even the score just before halftime.

Foolish choices, something we hadn't seen much of in 2010 outside of some choice silliness in CCL play, but a playful exchange of slaps between Javier Morales and Daniel Hernandez would cost one of them their chance to make and impact on the playoffs.  Javi would raise his boot about 20 minutes later and catch Dax McCarty in the midsection (despite Dax grabbing his face) and out would come the second yellow card, costing the RSL midfielder a chance to make a difference in this match and now a chance to play in the 2nd leg next weekend.  

Most of the second half was dominated by FC Dallas as RSL looked like they simply couldn't adjust to, they had brought on Will Johnson and Robbie Findley a minute before Javi would get his red card and so RSL was stuck now trying to change the pace and style of the match with fresh legs but a man down.  Oh RSL showed moments, they had runs but overall after the 20th minute of the match until the 89th minute of the match, Dallas was the better team and in the end it was the 88th minute goal by Eric Avila, who had entered a minute earlier and caught the RSL defense napping, that was the difference maker in the match.  For Real Salt Lake it actually was an improvement on their earlier performance in Dallas this year, they at least found the back of the net once and had several other good opportunities.

Now it will all come down to the match next weekend when FC Dallas returns to "El Castillo" and where they just two weeks ago lost 2-0.