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To Mock Draft or To Not Mock Draft- MLS Expansion Draft 2010

Well SB Nation did a mock draft already, there will be mock drafts by just about everyone out there, and to be honest I can't speak or pick for either Portland or Vancouver.  These teams already have players, they also have a bunch of guys who played for them last year that remain available, so it will be hard to tell what might happen on Wednesday.

For me there are a couple options, I can just offer up some thoughts on the whole expansion draft thing, I could do a mock draft pretending to know what teams are thinking, or I could simply point out the players I would take if I were trying to build a team (not knowing or caring about either expansion side).

One thing is clear when you look at the list of players available, there is a lot of talent, some very big names, and a few surprises.

First let me look at some of the names that really surprised me:

Jesus Padilla - CD Chivas USA - Here is the guy that most insiders told me was going to be the next captain of the team, a player who has shown a ton of talent, but without a coach in place it is hard for an organization to know who to protect.  I was surprised they protected Jazic and Thornton.

Wells Thompson & Anthony Wallace - Colorado Rapids - Wow you play in and win MLS Cup and then get left unprotected, that is a harsh reality check for players.  These two both have great upsides and I would be surprised if at least one isn't taken.

The Crew Defense (Brunner, Padula, Hejduk) they had 46 starts between the 3 and I have to think Brunner is a player that both teams would like to have, 6'4" central defender who had some injury issues but has 36 starts over the last two years.

A majority of the Dallas unprotected list surprises me, but they have a very solid team, my only question is why protect Goncalves over almost everyone on their list?

more after the jump:

Mike Magee - Los Angeles - So in 12 months you go from scoring a goal in MLS Cup for your team (and not missing a PK in the shootout) to being left unprotected, I think Magee provides a great attacking presence in midfield or up top.  I expect someone in either Portland or Vancouver will agree with me.

Cory Gibbs, Khano Smith - New England - Just surprised that a team that leaked goals would put up a solid defender, and Smith was one of the few bright spots for me on the Rev's roster this season off their bench I thought he brought good energy.

Real Salt Lake - I had this one almost dead on last week, the only exception was I protected Collen Warner and not Chris Wingert, I didn't think anyone would take him at his pay rate and I don't see him taking less money.

Sanna Nyassi & Nathan Sturgis - Seattle - A bit surprised as Nyassi really came on at the end of the year and Sturgis seemed to have fit very well into their midfield plans this year.

Chad Barrett - Toronto - do they have anyone other than Barrett and DeRo who can score? Barrett had 7 goals last year and he and DeRo were 22 of 33 goals scored by the team.  

So if I were going to take 10 players as a core of a team I would take (in no particular order) and no more than 1 from each team:


  • Chad Barrett - Forward - TFC
  • Sanna Nyassi - Midfielder - SEA
  • Joe Cannon - Keeper - SJ
  • Jean Alexandre - Midfielder -RSL
  • Mike Magee - Forward - LA
  • Dax McCarty - Midfielder - FCD
  • Adam Moffat - Midfielder - CLB
  • Wells Thompson - Midfielder - COL
  • Cristian Arrieta - Defender - PHI
  • Jimmy Conrad - Defender - KC
A good mix of youth, veterans, and I think a mighty good core to a team.  What do you think?