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Real Salt Lake loses two in the MLS Expansion Draft

So if before the expansion draft if you had said that RSL would lose David Horst and the rights to Robbie Findley, almost every fan would consider that to be a best case scenario and that is exactly what happened.

David Horst, who spent last year at the Puerto Rico Islanders and did very well with them both in D-2 play where they won the Championship, and in CCL play, was selected 5th by the Portland Timbers.  I think he will do very well for them, but playing on turf may be tough on his knees.  RSL then added Collen Warner back to their protected list, a smart move as most pundits had him going to Portland in the draft.

Then with their next pick the Timbers chose Robbie Findley who many believe will be leaving MLS to play in Europe, but I believe this is a very smart move as I believe that Robbie may head to Europe but I expect that he will be back in MLS sooner rather than later.  Robbie has ties to Oregon, as the played his college ball at Oregon State.

There is still an unanswered question for Real Salt Lake, and that is what will happen with Alex Nimo?  I expect a trade for a second or third round pick in the 2012 draft is most likely and maybe a few allocation dollars as well.

After the jump the complete list of players taken in the draft:

Portland_medium   Vancouver_medium

Dax McCarty (DAL; Daniel Hernandezprotected)

Round 1

Sanna Nyassi (SEA; Patrick Ianni protected)

Eric Brunner (CLB; Kevin Burns protected)

Round 2

Atiba Harris (DAL; Dallas removed from draft)

Adam Moffat (CLB; Columbus removed from draft)

Round 3

Nathan Sturgis (SEA; Seattle removed from draft)

Anthony Wallace (COL; Wells Thompsonprotected)

Round 4

Shea Salinas (PHI; Chris Seitz protected)

David Horst (RSL; Collen Warner protected)

Round 5

Alan Gordon (CHV; Mariano Trujilloprotected)

Robbie Findley (RSL; Salt Lake removed from draft)

Round 6

O'Brian White (TOR; Julian de Guzmanprotected)

Peter Lowry (CHI; Dasan Robinsonprotected)

Round 7

Alejandro Moreno (PHI; Philadelphia removed from draft)

Jonathan Bornstein (CHV; Chivas removed from draft)

Round 8

Joe Cannon (SJ; Tim Ward protected)

Jordan Graye (DC; Kurt Morsink protected)

Round 9

Jonathan Leathers (KC; Eric Kronbergprotected)

Arturo Alvarez (SJ; San Jose removed from draft) Round 10 John Thorrington (CHI)

If we look at my 10 players I would have selected:

  • Chad Barrett - Forward - TFC
  • Sanna Nyassi - Midfielder - SEA- taken by Vancouver
  • Joe Cannon - Keeper - SJ - taken by Vancouver
  • Jean Alexandre - Midfielder -RSL
  • Mike Magee - Forward - LA
  • Dax McCarty - Midfielder - FCD - taken by Portland
  • Adam Moffat - Midfielder - CLB - taken by Portland
  • Wells Thompson - Midfielder - COL (added to protected list after first COL pick)
  • Cristian Arrieta - Defender - PHI
  • Jimmy Conrad - Defender - KC
So I missed on a number of players that I valued higher than either Portland or Vancouver did.  It was an interesting draft and if Portland can get some value from the rights to (or returns of) Robbie Findley and Jonathan Bornstein then they have done a great job.  Vancouver will be hoping that Atiba Harris, Alan Gordon, or O'Brain White will be able to step up their scoring next year, but they did get a steal with Joe Cannon.