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Should Real Salt Lake care about round 2 of the re-entry draft?

With little cap room, a solid roster that was just one win away from the Supporters' Shield last year and the only real openings being the developmental/Home Grown slots. I say no, RSL should simply go about their business.  There are 32 players available and while several of them would be great to watch and could add value to the team, with a roster already 20 plus players deep fighting for minutes, it may not be the best situation for both the team and player.

I think RSL's attention is focused in the right place, on finding some new young players.  Their unique invite only combine taking place this week seems to be the exact type of thing that will help secure the long term future of RSL. While I am trying to get a list of all the players invited to the event, you can read a bit more about it here on  I think the good showing of the RSL academy teams at the recent Winter Showcase will have a lot of eyes on some of the young players who took part and showing them that RSL is wiling to hold a special event for them to further showcase their skills is a great way to get them excited about the team and their opportunities in MLS.

That seems like an approach that will not only improve RSL now but ensure the quality on the pitch into the future.  So let other teams fight for players rejected by their own teams, I think finding some youth to boost our developmental roster and then getting long term deals (more on that soon) for our guys who have contracts that expire next year is a route that will lead us to our goals quicker than the re-entry draft.