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A Dog4Deeds has almost reached their goal, will you help push them over the top?

So for the last couple weeks you have seen a lot of posts from me about the SB Nation's Mountain West Conference blogger and his attempt to raise funds to get a service dog for his son Deeds and with a huge goal of $13,800 it seemed like it would probably take a few months to raise that much money.  Well today is 11 days after that original request for help and support and they have raised $11,185.50 of their needed amount.  

I have believed and told Jeremy that I thought this would happen before Christmas, and I still believe that we can make it.  So I am going to ask once again that if you are looking for a great cause to support this holiday season, or if you have a little extra that you could donate that you consider doing so.  If you want to know more about Deeds there is some information on the donation site and there is also a great blog that lets you know more about the family and Deeds you can also check out their blog.

I am not sure what it is about Deeds or his whole family that have found their way into my heart so strongly this holiday season, but they have and I hope you will just take a few minutes to check out their story and if it touches you the same way it has me that you will find it in your heart to help out as well, the amount doesn't matter but the cause sure does. 

Since I started writing this another person has stepped up and they now are at $11, 235.50 of their total and that is such a great thing.  

OK, I will stop nagging you all now.