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A Dog4Deeds is less than $1,500 from their goal and a 12 RSL days of Christmas update

Well with 5 days to go before Christmas it looks like Dog4Deeds is going to make their goal not in the months that they first thought it might take, but in weeks in large part thanks to people like you.  From all over the SB Nation, and a whole lot of other places people have come forward to help out with amounts both large and small.  

I have to say I am really impressed that the story that touched my heart has reached so many others as well, to be less than $1,500 from the goal in just over 2 weeks is simply impressive but it does mean that there is a little work yet to be done.  If you want to help out, visit their donation site.

12 Days of RSL Christmas Update

OK, I am way behind on this so quickly:

1- Champions League Trophy

2- New Contracts

3- More wins in MLS action - with 4 more matches on the 2011 schedule (thanks to the 2 new teams), RSL should be able to up their total number of wins from 15 to 18.

4- Exciting new players - between the MLS Draft, Home Grown players from our academy system and the RSL exclusive invite combine held recently, I expect to see 4 new young players join the RSL side and perhaps none has the buzz of Provo's Maikon Orellana.

5 - more road goals - 14 goals scored on the road in 2010 was a great improvement for RSL, but taking our road game to the next level will mean that more goals will have to be scored and if we score 19 in 2011 then we should be one of the elite road teams.

6 - More CCL matches - We know that we will get 2 against the Crew to start our season (Feb 22 @ Columbus, and March 1st at "El Castillo"), but my goal is much higher I want to not only win that series but then get past either Saprissa or Olimpia and hopefully get another matchup with Cruz Azul.  

7 -More points on the road - 2010 was the best year for RSL as far as road points with 19 but there were still only 4 wins and 7 draws and I have to expect that one of the goals should be to get a few more points from the road, lets say two more wins and one more draw for a 6-3-8.

8 - More goals - RSL lead MLS with 45 goals in 30 matches so what can they do with 34 matches?  Well with Saborio returning, and hopefully Paulo Junior back and ready to shine, I think scoring 53 goals in 34 matches is a gift RSL fans would enjoy.  That is only a small move to 1.56 Goals per match, from this years 1.50.

more to come this week