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A great Christmas for Dog4Deeds

So by now you have figured out that beneath my grumpy exterior, I am a big softy, even more when it comes to good causes like Dog4Deeds.  So in just 18 days they have raised the money needed to pay for the training of JD's service dog, I have watched the totals climb and climb in hope that it would be a done deal by Christmas and with 3 days to go it is done as they hit their total earlier today.  

I consider that to be one of the best Christmas presents I will receive this year or any year, I have enjoyed watching my readers, co-workers, friends, as well as those of other SB Nations blogs and just people in general helping out.  With the news always telling us what is wrong in the world it is things like this that make me know that there are still a lot of great people with incredible hearts out there.

I think of all the things that I have worked on at work, and here on the blog this year, that nothing has or probably will ever top going from this:


to this


Deeds (and family) have a great Christmas.