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Almost halfway for on dog4deeds, and some MLS/RSL thoughts

Well I thought I would give everyone a quick update on dog4deeds, the latest total is just over $6,200 of the $13,000 needed.  Which is incredible considering it has only been 4 days, and a large amount of the money raised has come from readers of the various SB Nation blogs.  In fact my idea of turning donations into a contest has inspired others to do the same, the Georgia Bulldogs blog Dawgsports is offering up homemade brownies after seeing my win prizes post.

So remember if you donate, mention RSL Soapbox in the comment section to be entered to win one of five possible scarves, or even front row tickets to the RSL vs Columbus CCL match in March.  I would love to see us be able to help out enough that the full $13K is raised before Christmas, so if you can please do help out, as they say every little bit helps.

On a MLS/RSL note, I had to laugh at the huge results of the drafts so far, first Portland and Vancouver raid the rest of the leagues rosters, only to then trade back or away most of the players they took.  Then we followed that up with phase 1 of the MLS re-entry draft which saw a total of 2 players selected, but I expect that next weeks will probably see a bit more action.  Perhaps the biggest news of the week so far is kits, Houston showed off their new ones (complete with new sponsor), Seattle debuted a new techfit version, and Portland is holding a fashion show today to show off their new kits.  

The upside for RSL fans, no new kits but we get our star this year and that is a good thing.  RSL did get some love from Randy Davis today, as he did a 2010 in review post.  Good stuff, I am working on a couple posts but it is a busy time at work, hopefully I will have them up soon.  Until then.