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A lot of talk about Landycakes

So it appears that one Landon Donovan has finally arrived on the world stage in a way that he never could have when he wore a Galaxy kit or playing with Becks.  Since he arrived in Liverpool and put on the Everton shirt, he has been a difference maker, the team is on a roll with him in their lineup.  Since he made his debut on Jan 9th against Arsenal in a 2-2 draw, the team is 4-1-1 in Premier League action earning 13 points to add to their total of 22 before he arrived.

It is clear that something special is happening and the newspapers around England are all taking about Landycakes, check out the quotes gathered by Steve Goff.  I thought a couple matches into the loan that Landon looked more comfortable with Everton than he had with the Galaxy and far more than any other team in Europe that he had spent time with.  I do think he will finish out the season with Everton, which would mean he would be there until May 9th, before returning to the LA Galaxy some time mid May.  That means he could miss 9 or more MLS matches, doesn't this sound just like the Beckham story from last year.

The bigger question is what will happen after the June 9th matchup with Real Salt Lake at Rio Tinto Stadium?  That midweek match will be the last before the MLS takes a break for the group stages of the World Cup, and in my opinion will be the last match that Landon will be wearing a Galaxy kit.  I don't know if Everton will pony up the rumored 10 million dollar transfer fee for Donovan or not, but somebody is going to.  It isn't often a player steps in and can make an immediate impact the way he has has done and if you think other EPL coaches aren't watching, well you're crazy.  For many teams a 10 million dollar transfer fee is nothing, and to get a lot of US press attention and to instantly become a favorite team for many people who are fans of Landycakes, which means lots of jersey sales on this side of the pond makes that transfer fee seem even less daunting.

 Just below this post is a video of Everton head coach David Moyes talking about the match and setting the expectation that Everton will not be able to keep Landon beyond the loan.  It is a great little clip check it out.