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The SB Nation is growing and the focus is footy

So I saw with some level of pride that I was the 3rd of the growing soccer footprint that is is getting larger each and every day on SB Nation.  It started with Daily Soccer Fix and soon grew with the addition of Sounder at Heart, taking full advantage of the case of soccer fever that gripped Seattle.

It was the day before MLS Cup that I launched this blog, and since then SB Nation have added the following soccer blogs:

With 5 great blogs added just in the last couple months and more on the way it is clear that SB Nation is looking to represent the beautiful game as strongly as all the other sports that are part of their network of all FAN run blogs. I urge all of you to take a couple minutes and check out the variety of information that is being covered by these blogs. 

One cool feature is if you join (the link under the main logo of the blog) the site you can use the "My Blogs" feature to see when new content is posted.