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Forgive my lack of focus, blame it on the Games

So I am not sure why it happens, for 3 years and 11 months I could care less about most of the sports represented in the Winter Olympics, but then all of a sudden my attention is pulled by some mysterious force to them.  Curling, Hockey, Biathlon,  and all the rest, I simply can't get enough.

Perhaps this year it is the fact that I need something to fill the weeks until the first RSL match of the year, maybe it is the fact that I can stream events live at work (more than I could see on TV live at home), or just maybe it is the fascination that so many athletes from so many nations work so hard for a chance to compete for a metal that is just 8 grams of gold, silver or bronze.  I don't know what it is but I am clearly hooked, just look at the most accessed app on my iphone over the last few days, it is Cowbell 2010 and while I enjoy the cowbell it is really the twitter feed and the live medals count that I like best and for just 99 cents it is a great way to kill some time.

Anyhow I promise that I will get back to soccer and Real Salt Lake very soon, as I am transcribing my interviews with Nat Borchers, Ned Grabavoy, and Tino Nunez from last weeks practice before they headed south to Arizona.  I also am almost done with the final part of my 10 things MLS should change post that should be up tomorrow or Thursday. 

OK, I have to run the US vs. Norway curling is on and I can't miss out the US attempt to recover from a poor showing against Germany earlier today, you have to keep the stones in the house.