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USMNT will prepare for World Cup with two matches

Well the Czech Republic and Turkey will be coming to the US in May to face off against the USMNT, while neither side is going to be in South Africa in June, they are quality foes.  The Czech Republic is ranked #25 by FIFA and Turkey is #42, we know that the May 29th match up against Turkey will be in Philly at Lincoln Financial Field and tickets for that match up go on sale next week.

So where will the midweek May 25th match against the Czech Republic be held?  One might think one of the big markets, maybe Chicago, Seattle, or Dallas, but I would suggest that the match might be better held in a smaller market.  Given that it will be a midweek match up and that the weekend after the match will be the Memorial Day weekend, it may be hard to get a huge crowd out to the match.

If one looks at the demographics of the US, one would think holding it where there is a large Czech population would make sense, so Milwaukee or Minneapolis.  Perhaps TCF Bank Stadium?  A brand new stadium which can hold over 50,000 people, which is centered in an area that is within a couple hundred miles of the top Czech communities in the US.

US Soccer often looks to hold matches like this in areas with small populations of the opponent to get a very pro USA crowd, in that case why not Rio Tinto Stadium?  I know it is very unlikely, given that the US was just here last summer but Salt Lake has a very small Czech population, and has a proven history of good attendance in support of the USMNT.  I would love to see it but, I don't expect it to happen.  Instead don't be surprised if it ends up at the new Red Bulls stadium, RFK or somewhere very close to Philly to prevent changing time zones and having a lot of travel between the matches.  I am going to vote for the new Red Bulls stadium, a small venue but a great chance to showcase one of the new stadiums in MLS.

Yes I know the official name is Red Bull Arena, but I simply can't call an outdoor stadium an arena without laughing.