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Beating a dead horse (or why NBC's Olympic Coverage sucks)

So it started last weekend when events were aired on tape to the Pacific and Mountain time zones and it has continued all week.  So perhaps the biggest name in the Olympic games is Shaun White, but can we watch him go for the gold live?  Of course not, so I am stuck watching the scores for the halfpipe finals online, no video, just online reporting of the scores as 1/4 of the 12 particpants in the finals have already gone but I am stuck with TV coverage from this afternoon of Lindsey Vonn winning her gold medal (something I already know).

Really you spend all that money NBC and you do something this stupid.  Well as much as I would love to watch some live events, I have no desire to watch tape delayed things that I already know the results for.  So I am turning my TV over to a rerun of Criminal Minds, and while I may watch some online at work.  My TV viewing of the games is now over, why watch things that the network doesn't think are worthy of broadcasting live?

What a sad turn of events this is for NBC.