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10 things MLS needs to do, your input

So with 10 days to go in the extended CBA negotiations, I thought I would put together a list of the 10 things MLS needs to do during the likely 4 years of a new contract.  I like the 4 year date as well as some of the long term partnerships that MLS has will be coming to an end in 2014 as well.

Before I wrap up my list I wanted to invite each of you to participate in my list and tell me what changes, new ideas, or things that Major League Soccer should put on their 4 year plan.  This doesn't have to be items that will directly be impacted by the CBA, sponsors, partners, or anything else, just your ideas on what would make the league better and help the sport grow in the US.

So you can email me, see link at bottom of page or just add them via comments and I will take a look at them as I work on my 10 things post that I will be working on today and this evening.  Remember to think not only as fans, but to understand that MLS is a business as well and that a balance between the two is what will most likely lead to the greatest success of the league.

OFF MY SOAPBOX (time for you to get on your's)