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So remember this?

Ian Joy
Ian Joy

So a while back I posted a poll asking you all if RSL should bring back Ian Joy to add depth to our backline, and for the passion and heart he showed every day while wearing a RSL kit?

The answer was a resounding yes with over 85% of the 130 people who took part saying RSL should look into bringing him back. Well consider this Ian Joy plotting MLS return from MLS Daily. You might want to pay attention to the comment added to the post and if you don't follow Ian on twitter here is his link (

More info after the jump:

Ian will be in town, now the question is what can we do to get him in a RSL kit once again. I checked with RSL and no official statement has been made but my source believed that they would likely be a conversation between Ian and members of the RSL staff, but would that conversation be about him returning to the team?

Ian is a six figure player ($126,000 last year) and I have a feeling that if the salary cap goes up, rosters expand, or both with a new CBA, that RSL would be wise to have a player with as much heart and passion for the game to help our new young players adjust to both RSL and MLS. The 2010 schedule will include an all time high of at least 37 matches for RSL and depth on defense will be one of the keys to making good runs towards another MLS Cup, the knockout round of the CCL and actually making the LHUSOC tournament.

I am hoping to sit down with Ian for a drink and maybe if he is willing an interview to get his thoughts on all things soccer.