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RSL goes down 2-1 in first pre-season match

So RSL faced off against Vancouver (bet those guys are bummed they are out of town during the Olympics) yesterday down in AZ, and they lost 2-1.  I am sure that this is enough proof for many cynics that RSL's MLS Cup win was a fluke and that Jason should be canned for losing to a USL side.

But what can we really make from the match, if anything?  Well to be honest we can make nothing from it, not playing in the match: Nick Rimando, Kyle Beckerman, Robbie Findley, Jamison Olave, Nat Borchers, or Chris Wingert and 5 of those 6 played over 2,000 minutes for RSL in 2009.  

This match saw us play Jean Alexandre as a forward for a half, while Raphael Cox played a half on the backline.  it saw all our new players (draftees and waiver claims) play at least a half.  It also featured guys who saw very limited RSL action in the past like Tino Nunez, Nelson Gonzales, and David Horst getting a chance to show what they have to the coaching staff.  

I consider this matchup and the one on Wednesday against Colorado to simply be the same as inter-squad scrimmages and nothing more, with the late start to the pre-season I don't expect to see anything that matters until RSL hits Charleston for the defense of the CCC on the 13th of March.