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Nike unveils their new 2010 kits for the World Cup

New Nike Kits
New Nike Kits

So I have made fun of the new design of the US kits since they were first leaked a month or so ago, but I have to give Nike some huge credit as well.  Their approach to making the new kits by using plastics from recycled bottles is a great thing and should be shown as an example for other companies.  Here is the information about the process they used:

To make the 2010 national team kits, Nike's fabric suppliers sourced discarded plastic bottles from Japanese and Taiwanese landfill sites and then melted them down to produce new yarn that was ultimately converted to fabric for the jerseys.

This process saves raw materials and reduces energy consumption by up to 30 percent compared to manufacturing virgin polyester. By using recycled polyester for its new range of national jerseys, Nike prevented nearly 13 million plastic bottles, totaling nearly 254,000 kg of polyester waste, from going into landfill sites. This amount would be enough to cover more than 29 football pitches. If the recycled bottles used to make the jerseys were laid end-to-end they would cover more than 3,000 kilometres, which is more than the entire coastline of South Africa.

The teams wearing Nike's new national team jerseys in South Africa are: Brazil, The Netherlands, Portugal, USA, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Serbia, and Slovenia.

Here is the official vid:(it takes a minute or two to load the frame)